Clarence Gibson, the band director of the Ocean of Soul Band at Texas Southern University, is no longer an employee at the college.

TSU released the following statement regarding the matter on Thursday evening:


“We were made aware of allegations concerning our interim band director. He was immediately placed on administrative leave and has since resigned. 

It is TSU’s policy to not comment on personnel matters. TSU is committed to both the privacyand the safety of our students, faculty and staff.”

“Thank you for all the warm messages. I truly appreciate everyone for their prayers and wishes. I will be fine. I definitely disagree with all that has happened to me. While I owe no explanation to anyone, I am also not afraid to say what happen,” Gibson posted to his Facebook page Thursday. “Rather than let the rumor mill spread, I’d prefer to control my own narrative. Just know you can ask me directly. Nevertheless I will be up and running sooner than you know. I thank all my supporters and believers and my wonderful students of the Ocean of Soul Band.”

Students are reportedly upset by the loss of their director and have created a petition to bring Professor Gibson back to the university that already has about 2,000 signatures.