Sir Romeo Milam was sitting with his family in their upstairs apartment last month when his life and his family’s changed in an instant.

A gunfight in the courtyard below broke out. A stray bullet went through the wall of the apartment and struck the 4-year-old boy.

Nearly four weeks later, he remains in critical condition at Texas Children’s Hospital. His grandmother says he is on dialysis, a breathing machine with tubes in his stomach.

“He’s strapped down with tubes everywhere,” said Loriann Milam. “That’s not something you should have to see. That’s not something a 4-year-old child should have to go through.”

Sunday evening, the family gathered with community advocates to provide an update on Sir Romeo’s fight to survive.

“He’s still in critical condition,” Loriann Milam said. “But he’s stabilized a lot more than what he was, which is a blessing because I don’t want to bury my grandchild.”

Police are investigating after a child was found shot at apartment complex in southeast Houston.

The Milam family also wants to know who caused a happy child to become a casualty of violence. As of now, they have no answer.

Romeo’s uncle spoke out against the “no-snitch” attitude.

“When a child is shot or a crime committed, I would come and tell that family even if I didn’t talk to the police. No one has come and told us nothing,” Rashad Milam said.

His sister said it serves as a warning to others.

“This is the same child that was friends with your kids and came into your home. Keep your mouth shut like you’ve been doing. What makes you think it won’t be one of yours. Then you’ll want somebody to say something.”

The family said the little boy may remain in the hospital for up to a year.

A GoFundMe account under the name Sir Romeo Milan had raised only $325 by Sunday night.