Councilmember Edward Pollard, Metro launch innovative jobs resource
Councilmember Edward Pollard scanning QR code at a District J Metro bus stop displaying jobs. Photo by Misty Starks.

Councilmember Edward Pollard and Metro officials recently announced the launch of, a website that offers tools to job seekers to find employment with local companies.

Pollard’s office has partnered with Metro to provide signage at each of the sheltered bus stops within District J, the most diverse and most densely populated area of the city. The signs will be adhered to the shelter and will include a QR code riders can scan to easily access the website and connect to businesses with available opportunities.

“Through a partnership with Metro, my office has created a website, that will be an online platform that lists hundreds of job openings all over the Houston area,” said Pollard. “On the site, these jobs will be categorized by professions, such as administrative, arts and entertainment, education, government, hospitality, internships, medical, professional services, restaurants, skilled labor, technology and miscellaneous. We will also prominently display job openings that are available at Metro.

District J / Metro press conference annuncing partnership. Photo by Misty Starks.

“At each Metro bus stop in District J, a sticker will be attached to the shelter (bus stop), inquiring if riders need a job, with a QR code that a rider can hold their smart phone up to and access the website.”

Metro CEO Thomas Lambert was in attendance at the official partnership announcement and offered his endorsement of the initiative.

“At Metro, we know the critical link that safe, clean, reliable, accessible and friendly public transportation plays in connecting people to opportunities like education and jobs,” said Lambert. “We are committed to improving and expanding that access, which is what nearly 70% of the voters asked us to do when they approved the MetroNext Moving Forward Plan in November of 2019.”

As Houston begins to transition out of the pandemic, Pollard believes access to quality job opportunities is essential to the overall economic stability of families and the city at large. Houston has seen a spike in crime during the pandemic, which Pollard links to a lack of employment.

“Many of our residents, especially those who live in apartment complexes, are riders of our public transit bus system. There’s no doubt that the pandemic has had a devastating effect on families, due to the loss of employment or having to settle for under-employment. Our city has also seen a spike in crime, and I believe some of that can be attributed to lack of employment opportunities. As such, my office has been diligently working on an initiative that we believe will strengthen the overall economic stability of the city, and at the same time, bring quality job openings to those living in some of Houston’s most vulnerable and under-served communities,” said Pollard.

The District J Jobs website gives residents a quick and easy option to finding employment without having to go to a job fair or other career source. Riders can simply hold their phone up to the QR code to be taken to the website.

In addition to using the QR code, job seekers can also access the website through traditional methods by visiting

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