Gerald Wayne Williams, the man charged in the deadly road rage shooting after an Astros game, claims he is innocent after turning himself in to the Houston Police Department.

“He vehemently, from day one of speaking with me, has said he’s innocent. And that he did not shoot and kill anyone,” said activist Quanell X, who escorted Williams to the Travis Street police station.

The 34-year-old suspect is charged with murder in the July 6 shooting of 17-year-old David Castro. However, Williams claims he was at a party when the alleged crime took place, according to Quanell X.

A judge set his bond at $350,000 on Monday night. Willaims was also ordered to wear an ankle monitor and he isn’t allowed to drive without permission from the court.

“Once law enforcement contacted him, he fully cooperated with them. He did not run. He did not evade them. He met with them,” Quanell X said.

Quanell X said the suspect had multiple conversations with police prior to his arrest, including an in-person interview. He said police haven’t revealed how Williams went from being linked to the vehicle involved in the shooting to now being charged with homicide.

Finner said Williams will be processed and police will take additional statements from the suspect.

“He’s in custody,” Finner said. “I want to thank our investigative division for the work that they’ve done and also our citizens. We’ve said all along when we’re dealing with homicide, it’s very important that we all work together as a community.”

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“[Williams] looks forward to his day in court. He wants to maintain his innocence and fight for his name in the court of law. Now due process will take place,” Quanell X said.

Family thankful suspect safely taken into custody

The teen’s father Paul Castro said the family had been praying the suspect would be taken into custody peacefully without the harm of more individuals or officers. 

“I think today just proves that love is greater than anger and hate,” Paul Castro said. “Good people are greater than bad people.”

He thanked investigators and the public for their support during this difficult time. He asked for continued prayers for the family, especially for David’s mother, siblings and grandparents.

“There are no words in the English language — nor should there be — to describe the pain that we’re going through right now,” the father said.