Gerald Goines, the former Houston police officer charged in connection with the deadly Harding Street raid, was granted bail Wednesday.

Goines was granted a $150,000 bail after his arrest last month on federal charges connected to the Jan. 28 raid that ended with the deaths of Dennis Tuttle and Rhogena Nicholas. A Magistrate Court judge blocked the bail after prosecutors raised concerns that Goines may be a flight risk.

On Wednesday, a District Court judge lifted the stay issued by the lower court.

Among the conditions laid out in the bail agreement are house arrest, GPS monitoring, commit no crimes, avoid contact with witnesses or victims and the prohibition of firearm possession.

“We’re very grateful for the district court’s thoughtful consideration of all of the issues that went into the decisions concerning bail,” said Nicole DeBorde, Goines’ attorney. “We’re very grateful that Mr. Goines will be able to come out and assist us in reviewing extensive discovery in this case so that we can prepare a defense for him.”

Goines is accused of lying in documents used to obtain the warrant that led to the police raid.

Several officers, including Goines, were injured during the raid.

In addition to federal charges, Goines also faces two counts of murder that were filed against him at the state level.