Fort Bend ISD has been awarded a grant from the Governor’s Criminal Justice Division to establish eight school-based mental health centers at campuses in the Hightower, Marshall and Willowridge high school feeder patterns. The nearly $1.5 million grant was awarded under the Victims of Crime Act of 1984 (VOCA) and will be used to cover the cost of the mental health clinics startup as well as for the therapeutic services the clinic staff will provide. 

All District students, parents, and staff who have been victims of crimes, including victims of domestic violence, witnesses to a crime, those impacted by crime and victims of bullying, can receive counseling and therapeutic services from licensed clinicians at no charge. Individuals who have not been victims of crime may use Medicaid or their private insurance to cover the cost of service.

Like with physical health, providing for students’ mental health needs is important we want to make sure all our students are mentally and physically healthy so they are ready to learn. In establishing good academic habits and developing attributes associated with the District’s Profile of a Graduate, this initiative aligns with the District’s goal to support the whole child in healthy development.

“Mental health is a growing challenge that our students, teachers, campuses, and families are facing. It impacts academic success, attendance, and social functioning at school and in the home. The campus-based mental health services will remove barriers to provide direct support for those in the most need,” said Steve Shiels, FBISD’s Director of Behavioral Health and Wellness.

This exciting opportunity will be lead by district staff, in collaboration with, community partners.  

The District hopes to make these services available on campuses in early January 2020.