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Grand Jury Decision In Botham Jean Case Expected


Activist Omar Suleiman wrote on Twitter, “The Grand Jury will choose today whether or not to indict officer #AmberGuyger for murdering #BothamJean in his own living room. Today we demand an indictment. Tomorrow we see it through till conviction. And if there isn’t an indictment today, we’ll be in the streets tonight.” reports, “In Texas, manslaughter is considered a reckless act. If Guyger intended to shoot Jean, even if she wrongly thought he was a burglar, murder is the more appropriate charge, Dallas defense attorneys have said… Typically, if the grand jury votes to indict someone on Monday, the results become public on Wednesday. But the district attorney’s office could announce the results sooner because the case has garnered international attention. If the grand jury doesn’t indict Guyger on any charge, the result becomes public the same day.”

Attorneys for the Jean family have said they have not been called to testify, but they are prepared.

Botham Jean’s mother, Allison Jean, has called for murder charges and referred to Guyger as the devil. From the start, it has appeared that Dallas police have attempted to cover for Guyger — from never searching her apartment to claiming Botham Jean was a pothead to protesters being in jail longer than Guyger was.

Attorney Lee Merritt said, “The fact that there is even a possibility that this officer may not be charged with murder is something that the whole world is looking at.” He continued, “This season has been particularly difficult for the family, given that it is going into the holiday season. It’s been three months since Botham was killed in his own apartment, so they’ve been eagerly anticipating a decision from the grand jury.”

Even District Attorney-elect John Creuzot said he believed murder was the appropriate charge, saying, “I haven’t seen anything, including the probable cause affidavit, that would suggest that it’s a manslaughter case. And so, I think that without knowing it, I think that based on what we know, I think that we should be honest and say the more likely, the appropriate charge is murder.”

On September 6, 30-year-old police officer Guyger killed 26-year-old Jean.