Harris County residents can vote anywhere

Vote here or anywhere in Harris County.

In the upcoming November election, Harris County voters will be able to cast their ballots anywhere in the county during early voting and on election day.

Residents will no longer be limited to their precinct polling place, making Harris County with its over 2 million registered voters the largest county in the nation to implement the program of countywide voting.

Harris County Clerk Diane Trautman announced that Texas Secretary of State David Whitley authorized the county to implement Countywide Polling Place Program and now voters can vote where they live, work, shop or go to school.

The County Clerk’s office held multiple public hearings and meetings about the program ahead of the unanimous vote by Harris County Commissioners Court.

“There’s no more rushing home after work to get in line by 7 o’clock to vote at our assigned precinct location,” stated Trautman. “So, there’s much less chance of people getting there at the last minute and maybe too late to vote.”

For more information on the Countywide Polling Place Program call 713-755-6965 or visit www.HarrisVotes.com.