The HISD Board of Education will hold an emergency meeting Tuesday morning to discuss the district’s future now that Superintendent Richard Carranza is leaving for New York City.

The 11 a.m. meeting will be a closed session.

Carranza announced his departure Monday after serving as HISD’s superintendent for just 564 days.

He took part in a surprise press conference Monday afternoon in New York where Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Carranza as the city’s new chancellor of schools.

School board trustee Wanda Adams said she was very surprised by the revelation, but understands his position.Adams said she and other school board members were completely caught off guard.

“None of us had an idea, but in this instance, anyone who is applying for the job, we don’t tell our employer that we’re leaving so we know we have until we know we have the job, so we can kind of understand that a little bit,” Adams said. “We are supportive of his decision and we wish him well on the board.”

 School board member Wanda Adams said she was shocked by news HISD Superintendent Richard Carranza was leaving Houston for New York.

Carranza joined HISD in August 2016 with a three year, $345,000 base contract. His New York contract will be the same amount.

Carranza didn’t say why he’s leaving or when exactly he’ll leave. Those details still need to be worked out.

However, the move comes in the wake of Houston’s school district facing an estimated $115 million shortfall next year.

“I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to my school board in Houston, Texas, who gave me an opportunity to come to Houston and serve,” Carranza said during the press conference. “I owe a great debt of gratitude to Mayor Sylvester Turner in Houston who was a true partner, and I want to thank them for the opportunity.”

Before coming to Houston, Carranza was superintendent of the San Francisco Unified School District for four years.

“We the board wish Carranza the best in his endeavors and appreciate the leadership he brought to this district,” said HISD President Rhonda Skillern-Jones. “We are committed to continuing the work he began and moving the district forward.”

When the closed session is finished Tuesday, the board will answer questions from the media at noon.

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