While budget cuts of some type are in the Houston Independent School District’s near future plans due to a $200 million budget shortage, Superintendent Richard Carranza says they one area that won’t be cut is security.

“I’m sick and tired of saying you’re in our thoughts and prayers, give us legislation,” Carranza said.

Because of the variation in schools, the district has an overall policy with each individual school making specific plans based on their needs. Lamar High School has a special mental health screening program listed as part of its safety and security procedures.

“This is a good opportunity for all of us to revisit our emergency plans. We do have an overall district plan. I think what we do have also is a portfolio of schools which are over 60 years old so the ingress and egress in schools is something I’ve asked for a report on as well,” said Carranza.

Carranza says he believes the best defense is a well-informed student body, where students aren’t afraid to tell teachers and staff if they see or overhear something suspicious.

As for arming teachers, Carranza says that is a plan he would never support.

“As a parent, as a teacher, as a high school superintendent, that is the most ridiculous idea I have heard in my life. You want to put more guns in schools, no thank you,” said Carranza.

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