Third Ward Citizens on Patrol installing five neighborhood crime prevention signs in the community. Credit: Twitter.

People in the Third Ward are partnering with the Houston Police Department to combat crime. The partnership is considered a big deal by both HPD and the historic neighborhood where crime has spiked.

Houston Police Department Detective Eric Carr joined the The Citizen Patrol for the unveiling of five signs strategically placed throughout the neighborhood.

“I come from a community that really didn’t like the police when I was growing up,” said Detective Carr.

The veteran officer is a New Orleans native who has worked to build relationships with Third Ward residents. 

 “I know the perspective of this community,” he said. “I want to be more of a solution than just a person talking about the problem.”

Carr, who works under HPD’s Community Affairs Division, was assigned to the neighborhood in early 2020, just before Third Ward native George Floyd was murdered by a Minneapolis police officer.

“This community has always embraced law enforcement, believe it or not,” said Carr, who explained it’s the criminals who don’t support police. “So this sign is just a symbol to let everybody know that the partnership is real.”

The five signs empower citizens to call police to say something if they see something. The hope is that the citizen patrol helps to prevent crimes like deadly drug-related shootings.