Engineers Without Borders prepare foundation for a new school library in Costa Rica.

Changing the world begins at home.  As you prepare for life after high school, you may be thinking about how best to make an impact in your community or leave a legacy…and at the same time you want to find a job you love, fund your passions and take care of your family.

At Texas A&M University we believe you can do all of this and more.  Believe it or not, you can impact your community and complete a degree at the same time.  While working on your chosen degree, Texas A&M offers a number of community-driven service learning and engagement programs for students. 

Programs such as Texas Target Communitiesaligns student learning with community comprehensive planning initiatives.  Professors and professional planning staff coordinate student led projects to support community needs, allowing communities to benefit from the energy, enthusiasm and time of passionate students studying Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning

Engineers Without Bordersapplies engineering students’ knowledge to real world design and engineering issues of communities around the world. Students facilitate and construct actual projects that improve quality of life and accessibility.

Students majoring in Public Health, Education andPsychology find clinical and field work experiences connect their learning to real world needs in the community.  Business, Engineering, Agriculture & Life Sciences and Liberal Artsprograms include project-based experiences, entrepreneurship competitions and internship experiences for students which strengthens learning while also having a positive impact on the businesses, individuals and communities served.

Your education is what you make of it.  You can change the world, by sharing your knowledge in the communities you call home.  

At Texas A&M University, we seek solutions that are Community Driven, Aggie Powered. Learn more at