By Jimmy Aggison

If one word could sum up the past two weeks, I would have to use the word “whew.”  On Monday of last week, I sat and did absolutely nothing.  It was peaceful, but short lived.  Once Tuesday came, I was back to shooting, cropping and color editing.  Tuesday, I watched Dickinson’s season come to an end as they fell in a close game to Shadow Creek.  Wednesday, I edited photos and helped my son critique some of the images he shot the week before.  Thursday, I visited the downtown Houston public library where I was able to attend a book signing by Reshonda Tate Billingsley and hear what inspires her as a writer.  Friday, I visited the Berry Center as Shadow Creek took on Bellaire.  Bellaire lost a few starting players early due to injury and was unable to recover resulting in their season coming to and end.  Saturday was a day made for baseball.  Perfect Game held their NIT tournament in Houston, TX.  Teams from Florida, California, North Carolina and New Mexico just to name a few, made up over 1,000 teams scheduled to play in the area.  Sunday, I watched the Rockets fall early to the Memphis Grizzles and battle back to pull out a win before a packed arena.  Then, I started all over again….but let’s wrap up this week with images from Wednesday nights Rockets vs. Lakers game.  Lebron is a beast, however the young Rockets team was able to pull out a win in overtime by limiting mistakes and forcing Lebron to have to rely on more of his teammates for the win. Where should I go next?