Mayor Turner kicks off campaign to repair 100 homes in Second Ward

Low-income homeowners in Houston’s Second Ward will soon get some help with repairs. A public-private partnership has kicked off a fundraising campaign to rebuild one of Houston’s oldest neighborhoods.

Rebuilding Together Houston aims to raise $2.5 million to repair up to 100 homes in the Second Ward over the next three to five years. The effort is part of Mayor Sylvester Turner’s Complete Communities Initiative.

“What I would say, if you’re in a situation at home and you can’t afford the repairs, I would say call. I would not say to you to eliminate yourself,” he said. “Contact them, because they really want to help, especially if you’re senior citizens, veterans and people with disabilities.”

More than a dozen companies are involved in the effort. In addition to financial donations, the campaign is seeking volunteer labor and donations of building materials.