Minority candidates feel written out of Houston’s ‘all white’ Democratic primary

In one of the most pivotal congressional primaries for Democrats anywhere in the United States, Joshua Butler feels like he got airbrushed out of the race.

Butler, a Houston health care administrator and an African American, quit his job last year to run for Congress full time. But he has struggled to get noticed in a field of seven Democrats, four of whom have raised more than $500,000, and three of them – Alex Triantaphyllis, Lizzie Pannill Fletcher and Laura Moser – products of one of the city’s most elite prep schools.

The other $500,000-plus candidate: Cancer doctor Jason Westin.

Butler has raised $55,762 so far, not far behind the Democrats’ 2016 candidate, assistant city attorney James Cargas, who has raised $85,905 for his 2018 bid. Rounding out the field: activist and former congressional aide Ivan Sanchez, who has raised some $18,000, according to public records.

Butler is the district’s first-ever black candidate, and Sanchez is its second ever Latino candidate.

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