Christian Menefee, newly elected Harris County Attorney

History was made in Harris and Ft. Bend counties this election season, with record numbers of voters making their way to the polls. Harris County voters cast 1.65 million votes in the 2020 election, putting the county at 67 percent turnout, according to Harris County Clerk Chris Hollins. In Ft. Bend County, 70% of voters turned out. Here are some of the new faces.

Prairie View and Texas City elect first Black mayor

Brian Rowland, Mayor-elect, Prairie View

Dedrick Johnson, Mayor-elect, Texas City

Notable New Faces in Harris and Ft. Bend Counties

Christian Menefee, Harris County Attorney

Teneshia Hudspeth, Harris County Clerk

Bridget Lawson Smith, Ft. Bend County Attorney

Eric Fagan, Ft Bend County Sheriff