Parents express concern over Fort Bend ISD’s rezoning proposal

In a packed auditorium on Wednesday night, all eyes were fixed on the big screen.

Fort Bend ISD leaders spelled out ideas for adjusting the projected school enrollment, keeping facilities maintained and deciding what to do with under utilized schools in the district.

“I’m really concerned as a parent,” Sharika Young said. “I want to know that my children are getting the best.”

The ideas presented are coming from a steering committee and a consulting firm explaining some options, which include closing some schools and transferring students from Ridgepoint High to those with lower enrollment.

“You talk about closing Marshall to send our kids to another school so rich,” parent Stephanie Miller said.

Meadows Elementary is also on the chopping block.

“We are one square mile community with a school right in the middle of our city,” City Meadows Place Mayor Charles Jessup said. “It is the heartbeat of our community and for them to close that school will be like ripping our heart out.”

Just hearing the word rezoning brought out some parents. They’re thinking of their homes and property value as well.
Mei Fong said she purchased her home based on the school.

“Everybody knows location, location, location,” Fong said. “We want our kids in a good school and now they’re are trying to put us… and give us options, and sending our kids, taking their kids from a good school to a lesser good school.”

Fong said if rezoning gives children a better opportunity, she’s on board. But, “it can go either way,” she said.

Parents heard all the ideas, then got a chance to give officials face-to-face feedback along with writing their opinions on posters.

School officials said these are only ideas right now, and that is why it is important for community members to come and hear them before more formal recommendations are made.

The district will hold its second of four public meetings Wednesday night to discuss the consultants findings and recommendations. Input from the public will be included in a report to the school board next month.