Jalen Randle with an unidentified child
Jalen Randle

A rally involving Democratic state lawmakers was interrupted Saturday by a group calling for justice for a man killed by Houston police last April. It led to heated moments on the steps of city hall, but ended with a common goal.

The group of state lawmakers were having a rally on the steps of city hall to talk about some of the controversial bills making their way through the state legislature, when a separate group of protesters seeking justice for Jalen Randle interrupted the lawmakers’ agenda. The exchange, which got heated at times, lasted 20 minutes.

“They said they was gonna help. That’s all we want. That’s all what we want from anybody and everybody wants to help because it was wrong. It was injustice. So help us. That’s all we ask. That’s all we ask from you,” said Tiffany Rachel, Jalen Randle’s mom

Randle, 29, was shot in April 2022 by Houston police officer Shane Privette. Randle’s family said body camera footage showed Randle, who had no visible weapon, trying to run away from the officer when he was shot in the back of the neck. Privette was never charged in connection to the death.

“Jalen’s mom reminded me that we work together for other people murdered by the police but I think the universe caused our groups to come together because fundamentally we have the same issues about discrimination and the oppression of historically disadvantaged people,” said State Rep. Jolanda Jones of District 147.

U.S. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee of District 18 spent great length listening and interacting with the Randle family and protestors. She said she could see and understand their pain.

“This is a fabulous expression of frustration with the state system, with the government that is taking us back and I wanted to stand with them,” Congresswoman Jackson-Lee said.

Lee said she hopes and expects Randle’s case will be addressed in the near future.