WATCH: Listen & Learn Millennial Roundtable discusses the role of millennials in today’s society.

The Houston Defender Media Group hosted the Listen & Learn: Millennial Roundtable held at the Power Center recently.  Houston-area millennials were asked the question, “What is the role of the millennial in today’s society?”

According to Defender Strategic Alliance Manager Clyde Jiles, the purpose of the Listen & Learn series is to bring groups together to listen and learn and work with the Defender in achieving a common collective goal.

“With the roundtable, a first of its kind, the objective was to get not only a clear idea of the mindset of the professional African-American millennial in Houston but to tap into their thoughts and create a synergetic approach to networking, mentoring, social interaction, and community involvement,” said Jiles. “The results were phenomenal.”

Reflecting on the answers given by the participants in the roundtable, Jiles added, “The video with the individual answers to the question demonstrates the tenacity, diversity and consciousness of today’s millennials. See for yourself!”

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