A North Texas woman who falsely claimed she was abducted and raped by 3 black men in March has pleaded guilty to four felony charges, court records show.

Breana Harmon pleaded guilty to two counts of tampering with/fabricating physical evidence and two counts of tampering with government records.

On March 8, Harmon’s fiancé called Denison Police to report her missing. He told authorities her car had been found in the parking lot of an apartment complex with the driver door open, her phone, keys and a shoe nearby.

Later that evening, after authorities deployed various resources to look for her, she walked into a church wearing only a shirt, bra and underwear, police said. There, she told witnesses she had been kidnapped and raped in a wooded area behind the church.

Harmon told Denison officers she was kidnapped near her vehicle at the Creekmore Apartments by three black men wearing ski masks and said they took her to the wooded area where two of the suspects raped her as the third held her down.

Nearly two weeks later, she told an investigator she made the kidnapping and rape up and that cuts found on her at the scene were self inflicted. Medical personnel were also unable to find evidence of a sexual assault.

According to the Herald Democrat, she told police she and her fiancé had recently fought and that she went for a walk after the argument and ended up at an abandoned house where she cut herself. The Herald Democrat reported that she made up the story because she felt their relationship wouldn’t last and feared her family would be upset her the self-inflicted injuries.

The newspaper reported prosecutors agreed to a plea deal with two possible punishments and she will be sentenced on March 20.

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