DEFENDER: The TSU Board has been through some transition the last few months. What is your relationship with the Board of Regents?

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Lane: I have worked with boards for quite some time and boards are sometime always in transition because you have not just one but there are nine. What I will say is my board has been extremely supportive of the activities we have put in place from the time I arrived. I’ve had the fortune of being able to do some creative things in the last 11 months, almost 12 months – I can’t believe it’s been a year – so I’m appreciative of the board and its role in terms of policy and procedural kinds of things. Operationally is where we come in, we being myself and the administrative team so that balance of the board looking at policy and us staying focused on operational kinds of things has I think helped us stay focused. Regardless of what might be happening with changes to the board, my job is to ensure that operationally we still have students and faculty and community and staff and goals and things that we’re trying to reach regardless of what may be occurring.

I try to stay really laser focused on the students and the top five areas. I know we have to increase in (these areas) because the world doesn’t stop at all –it keeps going. So I’m of the opinion that it doesn’t really matter who is where. As long as I have a board is all that matters because we wouldn’t be able to operate if we didn’t. My job is to always make sure that they feel like the institution is progressing and that has sort of been my job and role here.


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