Voters will soon decide on whether to fund flood control program in Harris County

On the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Harvey, Harris County voters will decide whether to fund flood mitigation programs.

“It changed my life. It changed the life of county government,” explained Harris Co. Judge Ed Emmett. “Resilience is now job one and I don’t think anybody can make the mistake of saying anything different than that.”

If it passes, the bond would pay for drainage, channel widening, and buyouts throughout the county, which includes the city of Houston.

Judge Emmett and commissioners will be holding 23 community engagement meetings to get public input.

Residents like Tommy Long will be there.

Long has been using a generator for electricity since Harvey hit.

“They give money to people who weren’t even in the flood. I mean, I’m in the middle of it. Poster child to get the (expletive) stuff and I didn’t get it,” he said.

If the bond passes, the judge said the average family would see an increase of $4.63 the first year, gradually increasing until it hits $52.04 in the 15th year.

If you are 65 or disabled with a home worth $200,000 or less, you wouldn’t pay anything.

The bond goes to a vote on Aug. 25.

For more information, visit the Harris County Flood Control District’s website.