Congressman Marc Veasey, Chris Hollins and Carroll Robinson.

Today, March 25, at 2pm central, non-partisan voting rights organization MOVE Texas will host a virtual press conference alongside Congressman Marc Veasey (TX-33rd), former Harris County Clerk Chris Hollins, former Houston City Councilmember Carroll Robinson and other advocates, Civil Rights leaders and voters, to voice their opposition to Senate Bill 7 and House Bill 6 currently moving in the state legislature, considered by many to be the worst assault on the right to vote in Texas since the Jim Crow era. 

Of Course He Wants to Vote the Democratic Ticket, 1876. Artist: Frost, Arthur Burdett (1851-1928) depicted in art the very real tactics used historically tosuppress Black votes. (Photo by Fine Art Images/Heritage Images/Getty Images)

The virtual press conference can be accessed by RSVPing for login information by making sure to click here.

The lineup of speakers and supporters includes the following”

-Congressman Marc Veasey, Texas’s 33rd congressional district

-Chris Hollins, Former Harris County Clerk  

-Fátima Menéndez, Legislative Staff Attorney, Mexican American Legal Defense & Educational Fund

-Carroll Robinson, Voting Rights Advocate

-Joey Gidseg, Disability Rights Advocate 

-Mimi Marziani, President, Texas Civil Rights Project 

After the Texas government’s abject failure to respond to a natural disaster left millions of Texans freezing in their homes without heat or running water for weeks, state leaders like Greg Abbott, Briscoe Cain, and Paul Bettencourt are focusing their attention on attacking voting rights in the state so voters cannot hold them accountable for their failures. 

During the middle of the House Committee hearing for House Bill 6, elected officials, voting rights advocates, and everyday Texans will stand in firm opposition to these heinous attacks to suppress our right to vote. The motives of these leaders are crystal clear: to deny young, disabled, Black and Brown voters their voice in a rising Texas electorate that will hold them accountable in the years to come.

These local actions are taking place as Democratic lawmakers at the federal level are gearing up to fight voter suppression efforts by the GOP that are sweeping the nation.