Just weeks after the body of 15-year-old Sadaria Davis was found, another young woman has gone missing on the West Side of Chicago. Shantieya Smith, 26, has been missing for more than a week. Her mother is speaking out and fears Smith’s disappearance is linked to others.

Smith’s mother Latonya Moore told WGNTV.com, “I’m praying she’s okay. I don’t want to think the worst, though.”   WGNTV.com reports, she was “last seen with a man who has now changed his phone number and is not responding to Facebook messages. But he did send a text message to Smith through her goddaughter and threatened her, Smith said.

Fearing there is a link between her daughter and at least two other Black girls who have gone missing on the West Side of Chicago, she has reached out to community activists.

Robin Hood, a pastor and activist, told WGNTV.com, “Do we have a serial kidnapper? A serial killer? What’s going on? You can’t leave a community in fear without information. That’s unfair to this community.”

On April 25, 15-year-old Sadaria Davis vanished after leaving her East Garfield Park neighborhood in Chicago. On May 11, Davis’ body was found six blocks away from East Garfield Park in a vacant apartment. Rumors have been circulating online that Davis was mutilated and some of her organs were missing. NewsOne reached out to the Chicago Police Department and was told that they “cannot confirm those details and the cause of death is unknown.”

Anna Stanislawczyk, who was 18, went missing on March 16 and she has not been seen since.