Former President Barack Obama has been laying low since Donald Trump began destroying the country on January 20, 2017. However, Obama is ready for a grand return and Republicans should be shook.

According to The Chicago Tribune, Obama is amped-up for the midterm elections and ready to throw his political power into the ring. “He’ll ‘continue to be politically active in 2018, with more endorsements and more campaigning,’ his spokeswoman Katie Hill said.” However, because Obama isn’t an egomaniac and doesn’t need the spotlight on him at all times like our current POTUS, “he won’t maintain such a high profile, lest he risk taking political oxygen away from Democrats in a critical election year, associates said.”

Nonetheless, having Obama on the campaign trail for the crucial midterm elections could but a huge help for Democrats. Much of campaigning is name recognition and Obama supporting a candidate who may not be as well known, but be good polices, could be a serious boost to potential candidates.

Obama is currently preparing for the construction of his presidential library in Chicago so reports claim he will be returning to the Windy City. From there, a touch of Obama might just be the energy the Democratic party needs.

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