African Americans are once again on the losing end of a Trump administration policy—this time it’s his lax environmental regulations—according to a new study, Newsweek reported.

 “In the current regulatory environment, the disproportionate burden of pollution will only increase for low-income communities and communities of color,” states the report, which is co-authored by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and the Clean Air Task Force (CATF).

The report said that Blacks are 38 percent more likely to be exposed to air pollutants than Whites. That’s because Black people are 75 percent more likely to live near industrial facilities that release toxic emissions. Those finding led the NAACP and the CATF to call for better environmental rules and urge people to contact their representatives.

President Donald Trump has rescinded Obama-era environmental regulations, which ordered reductions of carbon dioxide emission and other contaminants in the air. At the same time, Trump is expanding the coal industry.

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