CBS under fire after no Blacks assigned to cover 2020 election

Last week, a White reporter learned of her ignorance the hard way when she likened Senator Kamala Harris’ AKA affiliation and the accompanying “skee wee” she called “screeching.” The moment came with an internet dragging but also the reminder that diversity in reporting is essential. And with the 2020 election rapidly approaching and diverse candidates throwing their hats in the ring to become the next President of the United States, the need for reporters who aren’t White is crucial.

But alas, when CBS debuted their list of digital reporters who would be covering the 2020 election, there wasn’t a Black face in sight.

To their credit, there was some diversity—but without a single Black person, they missed the mark. And as a result, there were several people who had quite a bit to say about this unfortunate and egregious oversight. Check out the opinions on the following pages—along with one White journalist who attempted to argue that perhaps Black people don’t pursue journalism as a profession.