A young Georgia mother is now facing murder charges after she was witnessed dropping her three-month-old baby when she was slapped by another woman in a parking lot.

According to WTXLKaren Lashun Harrison, 26, got into a physical altercation on July 19 with an unidentified woman outside of a beauty supply store in Moultrie, Ga. During the scuffle her newborn fatally dropped to the concrete floor causing injuries that later proved to be fatal.

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The brawl was caught on the store’s surveillance cameras and shows Harrison cradling her son in one arm while approaching the other woman who is standing next to a car in the parking lot.

When the woman swings a shopping bag full of goods and hits Harrison in the face, the mother loses both her balance and her grip on the child as she fights back. After the child drops, concerned bystanders rush over and a stranger picks up the boy, who both women ignored while exchanging blows.

After the fight, Harrison went home and waited a whole day before taking her child to the hospital, police said. When she did finally took the child in to be examined, she allegedly lied to staff and claimed he fell while being looked after by a relative.

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The boy later died and now his mother along with her friend Carneata Clark – who also allegedly lied about how he’d been hurt – have both been taken into custody. Authorities have charged Harrison with felony murder, first degree cruelty to children, second degree cruelty to children, simple battery and affray.

“It’s very disturbing tat two adults would fight in a public place while holding a three-month-old child in their arms,” a spokesman for the Moultrie Police Department told ABC. The woman who Harrison was fighting with outside the store has yet to be arrested or named.

Note: The images below may be disturbing to some viewers.