Ben Carson’s excuse for raising rents

There has been some back and forth if Housing and Urban Development (HUD) would increase the rents on low-income communities. Originally, Ben Carson, the incompetent secretary of HUD, submitted the request in a proposal. However, back on June 11, Carson said raising rents were no longer necessary because “the budget has been changed, the necessity for doing that is not urgent.” Now he is back to increase rents and he gave his bizarre reasoning yesterday.

I can guess what the Founding Fathers would say about the Trump administration — that they created the Constitution to prevents someone as devilish as 45. This is a man who has blatantly violated the Constitution and Carson has defended him (and even his spending) all in the name of Christ.

That said, if you want to talk about current spending trends, how about if HUD didn’t spend $200,000 on office renovations or if the U.S. government didn’t spend trillions of dollars to fight in wars that we will never win. The U.S. government wastes millions of dollars every year and it has nothing to do with people in low-income communities.

Ben Carson is truly deplorable and will only force people deeper into poverty with his horrific policies.