Donald Trump measures political success on two imperfect metrics – poll numbers and crowd sizes – and Elizabeth Warren appears to be crushing it on both counts.

During a major speech at a rally in New York on Monday night, a massive crowd of 20,000 turned out to hear Warren tear into the unprecedented corruption of the Trump era.

The Massachusetts senator called Donald Trump “corruption in the flesh.”

Pictures show a capacity crowd packing into New York City’s Washington Square Park, which is just three miles from Trump Tower:

Warren is steadily building enthusiasm and support

While former vice president Joe Biden remains the slight frontrunner in the Democratic primary race, even after the latest debate, Elizabeth Warren has slowly and steadily been building and maintaining support.

According to RealClearPolitics, Warren places second in the crowded field of candidates, just barely ahead of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Crowd sizes are a metric of enthusiasm to be sure, and Elizabeth Warren’s campaign has a lot of Democratic primary voters fired up. It bolsters the argument of her supporters that she can get voters who didn’t show up for Hillary Clinton in 2016 to turn out in 2020.

It remains to be seen whether the energy on display Monday will propel her to the Democratic nomination next year, but the images coming out of Donald Trump’s hometown of New York City will likely get under his very thin skin.