Pastor John Gray is one of the Black pastors who recently participated in a bizarre photo-op with  President Donald Trump. Gray sat by while Obama was insulted and Trump was called the “most pro-Black president,” which has resulted in backlash. Over a week later, Gray, who led 45 people in prayer at the “press conference,” is now comparing his meeting with Trump to a meeting with Jesus.

Pastor Keith McQueen, the founder of Powerhouse Church in Indianapolis, responded to another pastor defending Gray, claiming that people hated the megachurch owner.

“We don’t hate @realjohngray We love him,” McQueen wrote on his Instagram. “However we can’t respect his decision to condone the behavior of an egotistical, misogynistic, narcissistic clown that has turned our country into a circus with his quarrelsome and divisive rants. He has affirmed the behavior of this man by sitting at the table to ‘discuss’ prison reform and urban revitalization with a man that has never cared for urban populations and incites hatred towards minorities that are targeted and often locked up unjustly.”

He continued: “We disagree with him on the behalf of young black men, women, Mexican #immigrants and their children #lgbt people and citizens that prefer a government that isn’t illegally influenced by Russian leaders.”

See the full post below:

Well, Pastor John Gray decided to respond, actually comparing his meeting with Trump to Jesus.

“Sitting at a table is neither affirming, endorsing, agreeing or aligning. If so, Jesus certainly couldn’t have sat with zaccheus or been in the company of lepers. High Priests couldn’t go near lepers,” he commented under the post. “Jesus made clear that He came eating and drinking and was a friend to sinners, tax collectors and wine bibbers. Was he aligning or affirming their behavior? Of course not. And an initial conversation doesn’t portend for what could be produced in the future. I could never presume to know your calling or assignment since we don’t know each other.”