Country music fans are in their feelings about Lil Nas X’s deal that he secured with Wrangler jeans for his own collection.

Angry fans have reportedly vowed to boycott the brand for giving the rapper a deal with the brand thanks to the success of his chart-topping hit, “Old Town Road.”

The collection reportedly includes denim button down shirts with “Old Town Road” written across the back, an assortment of graphic t-shirts and denim offerings for both cowboys and cowgirls. The men’s denim is designed with a #1 written on the side— a salute to Lil Nas X’s reign at the number one spot on the Billboard charts for five weeks straight.

But racists quickly objected to seeing Wranglers on a Black rapper’s booty, Page Sixreports.

“This is how you lose customers,” wrote one person on Instagram.

“Went from cowboys to rappers,” another said.