Therese Patricia Okoumou became somewhat of a national treasure when she scaled the Statue of Liberty on July 4 to protest Donald Trump’s ”zero tolerance” immigration policy. And it seems the political activist is not entirely done making a statement.

According to Yahoo, Okoumou — who was charged with trespassing, disorderly conduct, and interference with governmental administration- was in court on Friday for a procedural hearing and she made quite the fashion statement trolling Melania Trump’s by wearing a dress that had “I really care, why won’t u?” written on the front and back.

The first phrase mocks the infamous Zara jacket that Trump wore in June on her way to visit child detention centers in Texas, which read, “I really don’t care, do u?”

President Trump said the message was aimed at the “Fake News Media.”

“Melania has learned how dishonest they are, and she truly no longer cares,” he tweeted.

While her spokeswoman denied any “hidden message”behind the style choice, the statement still sparked a fashion movement, with people rocking their own “I care” jackets.

Okoumou’s dress was also painted with the words “Be Best,” the name of Mrs. Trump’s anti-bullying initiative which aims to teach children “the importance of social, emotional, and physical health.”

On July 5, she pleaded not guilty to all three charges against her and faces a possible 1.5-year sentence if convicted. Prosecutors called the protest a “dangerous stunt,” Courthouse News reported.

“There is, however, a special rule in the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure that governs what we call petty offense, and that rule not only permits but requires the judge to make a preliminary determination as to the possibility of a jail sentence,” civil rights defense lawyer Ron Kuby told reporters outside the courthouse.

Okoumou spoke to a group of reporters and supporters after the 40-minute hearing. on Friday.

“America, you motherf***ers, you drug addicts, you KKK, you fascist USA,” she chanted during a press conference:

YouTube video

Her next court date scheduled for Oct. 1.