Timothy Loehmann, the former Cleveland police officer who fatally shot 12-year-old Tamir Rice four years ago, will not join the Bellaire, Ohio police force following a public outcry spearheaded by Rice’s mother, Samaria.

During a press conference on Wednesday, Samaria announced Loehmann withdrew his application.

“As of this afternoon, Timothy Loehmann has withdrawn his application in Bellaire,” Rice’s mother Samaria Rice said during a news conference Wednesday afternoon. “Hopefully, he will not be hired as a police officer by any other state.”

Loehmann had been initially hired by the small Ohio village as a part-time officer.

Bellaire Police Chief Richard Flanagan confirmed Wednesday that Timothy Loehmann had withdrawn his application. Flanagan has said he offered Loehmann a job because he believes in second chances.

In November 2014, Loehmann killed Tamir within two seconds after he arrived to investigate a report about the boy carrying what turned out to be a fake gun.

Loehmann wasn’t charged in relation to the shooting, and was cleared by both a Cuyahoga County grand jury and Cleveland’s Critical Incident Review Commission.