Father’s Day: Let the People Be Heard
Aswad Walker (tallest) with wife, Adrianne, and kids, Anana, Amari and Maisha.

Black fathers share what’s coolest about being a father and the things about fatherhood one cannot know until you actually become a father.

Best part about being a father

Watching your children launch out into the world and make it their own. (Danyahel Danny Norris)

Giving them what you didn’t have. (Claudell Cannady)

When you see them becoming the people you raised them to be. (Marc Anthony Person)

Seeing and receiving the unconditional love from your children (Seyoum Osaze)

Being called dad. (Clarence E. Hill Jr.)

If you do it right you may be blessed to see reflections of YOU and your lessons in their path and decision-making as they grow into their own selves (Dedrick Johnson)

Being an example of how a Black man should present himself in this world. Being the dad of a special needs son teaches you to notice and appreciate the things you took for granted. (Charles Sadiki Brown)

“Come bring me the remote” [from the other side of the room]. “Go get my bag out of the car and bring it upstairs” [as I lay across the bed in my room]. (Marcus Davis)

Seeing yourself in your kids no matter if good or bad (Jeremy Smith MBA)

Being able to lead in your home, and have a person learning to lead from you directly. (Lutalo Amanitaka Sanifu)

Seeing your lessons applied well. (Sentwali Olushola)

I’m very proud of my children. It’s cool seeing them do their thing and I love being there for them. (Abayomi Allen)

There is so many things about being a father that not one outweighs the other. Because every joy, smile on your significant other’s face when you hold the child high, touch, caress, anger, pleasing, growing, excitement, first steps, potty training, weening from the bottle/breast, watching them leave home knowing, feeling confident after many years of training they do not need a refresher to fly the plane. They’re only waiting to hear the call for a pilot! (Willie Perry)

Being there for my family through thick and thin. Whether we’re seemingly losing or for the win! (Brian Kefing Moore)

What you learned about fatherhood only after becoming a father

How much you have to work on yourself to be a great example for them to follow because they pick up all of your good and bad habits. (Danyahel Danny Norris)

How much better of a person that they’ll make you. (Marc Anthony Person)

The amount of unconditional love and support you’re willing to do and give to your children (Seyoum Osaze)

Watching your kids blossom, celebrating their successes and being the people they become (Clarence E. Hill Jr.)

Just how much God love me, because a father’s love for his own children is immeasurable. I now see clearly that God (Jesus) meant it when he said he would do anything, including die for me. (Dedrick Johnson)

We belong to our kidsinstead of them belonging to us. AnaLisa (dauther) tells me all the time that I’m her dad. I’m starting to understand it now (Kalongi Ejike)

Being a dad, particularly a Black dad, is OJT 101! (Seve AtlBallroom Maestro)

You never know what you mean to your parents, until you have children of your own! (Colin Clarke)

For me, it’s the deep connection. No matter the gender that bond is unbroken. Seeing myself in my kids is an amazing feeling. I have learned so much. (Kelvin Monroe)

Incredible patience and understanding that they will make some mistakes. (Akintunde Luster)

I didn’t expect the child support and the custody battle. We having a helluva time, so it’s good now. But I wish I was warned properly. (Italo Bugat)

The joy and pain, it’s really true when your parents use to say this is going to hurt me more than you. (Abayomi Allen)

Putting bass in your voice when kids ignore mom and watching children respond expeditiously. (Lutalo Amanitaka Sanifu)

Until you are one- coming to grips with who you are as a man! Happy Father’s Day: Seasoned/Young Warriors!!! (Willie Perry)

Aswad (r) with daughter Bria