Student Appreciation Day readies Houston scholars for school

Photo Credit: Megan Lindley

Hosted by Phyllis Wheatley High School, nonprofit organizations ‘You Are a Queen’ and ‘KingsIIKings’ in collaboration with Franklin Beauty & Barber Institute, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and She’s Happy Hair, coordinated the 1st Annual Student Appreciation Day back-to-school event for the City of Houston benefiting students living in homeless shelters.

More than 200 students, ages 7 to 17, received free hair services from the Franklin Beauty & Barber Institute, backpacks filled with school supplies, clothing, life hacks and words of encouragement for the girls from former school teacher Christina Riley Meade; while the boys received encouragement from KingsIIKings mentors.

“We were excited to partner with these great organizations for the 1st Annual Student Appreciation Day,” said Sèna Pierre, Founder of You Are a Queen/KingsIIKings organizations. “Knowing that we were able to help over 200 kids in this community to start their new school year off with backpacks, school supplies, fresh haircuts, hairstyles and an air of confidence is all worth it.”