A vegan protester storming the stage of Joe Biden’s victory speech on Super Tuesday got tackled by two unlikely linebackers: the candidate’s wife, Jill Biden, and his senior adviser, Symone Sanders.

Biden spoke Tuesday night in Los Angeles after a banner election night, which by that time included winning Virginia, Alabama, Minnesota, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

“Let’s get something straight. Wall Street didn’t build this country. You built this country. The middle class built this country. And unions built the middle class,” the former vice president said before a protester holding a “let dairy die” sign ran onstage.

Anti-dairy protesters have been turning up at most political events in the state this election season.

A security guard stopped the protester (Biden does not have Secret Service protection) and pulled her away as she chanted “let dairy die.”

Jill Biden immediately blocked her husband with her body.

But then a second protester stormed the stage, and the women of the Biden campaign fought back.

Jill physically grabbed the protester by the wrists and pushed her away.

Sanders, dressed in a striped blazer, ran after the protester, tackling her and dragging her offstage.

-BuzzFeed News