Mourners burn mock flags of the U.S. and Israel during a funeral ceremony for Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani and his comrades, who were killed in Iraq in a U.S. drone strike on Friday, at the Enqelab-e-Eslami (Islamic Revolution) square in Tehran, Iran, Monday, Jan. 6, 2020. (AP Photo/Ebrahim Noroozi)

The Sunday announcement, however, is clearly indicative of a nuclear threat and might be the largest made by Iran since President Trump withdrew the U.S. out of the nuclear deal that was installed to reduce a threat in the Middle East.

Trump pulled out of the deal in May 2018 and at the time, he promised “the highest level of sanctions” against Iran until the country was in accordance with a new deal based on his terms. He also said that if Iran opposes, they “will have bigger problems than it has ever had before.”

The president’s decision has also heightened tensions between Iran and Israel, whose president, Benjamin Netanyahu, earnestly opposed the deal and thanked Trump on live TV from Jerusalem at the time.

“I think that everybody recognizes the malign intentions of Iran, and I think everybody also recognizes Israel’s right of self-defense, which is really our common defense,” Netanyahu said on May 8, 2018.

A coalition of European nations, on the other hand, expressed their regret for Trump’s problematic decision to withdraw from the deal with Iran.

Nonetheless, the killing of Soleimani is serving as a catalyst for unpredictable danger that will involve more than the U.S. An Iranian official has said that the country will “consider taking even-harsher steps over the U.S. killing of Gen. Qassem Soleimani,” according to the Associated Press.

The leader of Lebanon’s Hezbollah political party has also said that Soleimani’s death has made U.S. military bases, warships and service members across the region targets for attacks.

Iran’s state TV shared a statement from President Hassan Rouhani’s administration declaring that the country will no longer “observe limitations on its enrichment, the amount of stockpiled enriched uranium as well as research and development in its nuclear activities.”

“The government of the Islamic Republic of Iran has in a statement announced its fifth and final step in reducing Iran’s commitments under the JCPOA,” a state TV broadcaster said, referring to the acronym for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. “The Islamic Republic of Iran no longer faces any limitations in operations.”

Trump has been longing to dismantle president Obama’s achievements and overall presidential legacy and his recent course of actions may enable him to do just that.