LeBron James may only have one game left in this city.

With his Cavaliers down 3-0 in the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors after Wednesday night’s Game 3 loss at Quicken Loans Arena, the commotion surrounding James’ impending free agency is beginning to intensify.

Chris Bosh, who won two titles alongside James in Miami, only added fuel to that fire on Thursday.

“I would guess that he goes to Houston,” Bosh said while making an appearance on Fox Sports. “It’s like the next Avengers movie. Golden State with like 100 superheroes and then Houston with 100 superheroes and they fight. That’s just what it’s coming down to.”

The Rockets are coming off the winningest season in franchise history, which ended in Game 7 of the Western Conference finals against the Warriors. They’re the clear-cut No. 2 team in the league, and a trio of James, Chris Paul and James Harden would certainly fit the Super Team bill.

“The star power of the league, what’s happening now is that the stars are figuring out their power,” Bosh said. “He’ll be the biggest free agent ever in history because of how many times he hit it. With the dynamic that Houston has, you can argue that they could have taken Golden State down this year.

“I think it’s gonna be one of those things, kind of like what Golden State did. (Kevin Durant) went there, they teamed up, and it’s like, ‘OK, beat this.’ I think it’s on another organization to kind of give that same narrative.”

Asked about the Super Team trend after practice on Thursday, James’ current teammate Kevin Love went down a similar — albeit less specific — road.

“If you have a chance to win in this league, you have to go for it,” Love said. “I can remember when I missed the playoffs six straight years and I kind of decided that I wanted to win. I ended up being in a bunch of trade scenarios and ended up here, winning in 2016. Teamed up with LeBron and Kyrie (Irving) and all those guys that won on the 2016 team.

“Now you see (general manager Daryl) Morey talking about it with the Rockets, them trying to team up and do whatever they can to become — what’d he say the other day, that he’s a 10 of 10 on obsessed with beating the Warriors? That Rockets team, like they always say, they’re built to try and beat them. They went to seven games in the Western Conference finals.

“I think you’ll see a lot of that around the league. That’s always gonna be the talk because somebody has to try and dethrone these guys and work their way to that.”