James Harden said LeBron James’ upcoming free-agent decision won’t be swayed by fancy presentations or outside influences.

“Honestly, like, what, LeBron’s about to be in his 16th year in the league?,” Harden told the Los Angeles Times. “I don’t think there’s anybody that can persuade him to go where he wants to go. I think it’s all up to him at this place in his career. He’s got three championships. It’s about business, it’s about family for him. Whether he wants to go to Houston or LA or stay in Cleveland, no GM, no friend, nobody can persuade him other than maybe his kids and his wife. Whatever he decides to do, he’ll do it.”

ESPN had also reported that James did not want a recruiting circus with big presentations from teams.

After the NBA draft Thursday, where the Cavaliers drafted Alabama guard Collin Sexton with the No. 8 pick, general manager Koby Altman said the Cavs and LeBron James’ people have established a “good dialogue.”

Media: Sports Illustrated

The Rockets and Lakers have been mentioned as possible spots that James might want to sign.

One factor being bandied about for Houston is James’ friendship with Chris Paul, who is expected to re-sign with the Rockets.

Harden downplayed that relationship to the Times.

“Nahh,” Harden told the Times. “Him and Chris are really tight. I don’t think they talk about him coming to Houston. I think they talk about basketball and if LeBron wants to say, ‘Hey, I’m thinking about coming your way,’ then that’s a discussion we can have.”

Harden is in Los Angeles for the NBA Awards show where he is expected to win the MVP award. LeBron James is one of the finalists but is not expected to attend the ceremony.

The first key date for James is Friday when he has to tell the Cavaliers if he is opting in to his player-option contract for $35.6 million or becoming a free agent.