Rockets rookie Eron Gordon learns from brother Eric
Valparaiso's Eron Gordon (10) drives downcourt during an NCAA college basketball game against Drake on Sunday, Feb. 7, 2021, in Valparaiso, Ind. Valparaiso won 74-57. (AP Photo/Robert Franklin)

If you have been watching the Rockets’ Summer League team in Las Vegas, you have probably noticed a familiar smile and some on-court gestures you swear you’ve seen before.

It’s not just your imagination.

Rookie point guard Eron Gordon happens to be the younger brother of Rockets veteran guard Eric Gordon. It’s a long shot, but the two could possibly share the same backcourt this upcoming season, which would be a rare NBA occurrence.

“It’s definitely pretty special. It’s definitely pretty special for my family,” the younger Gordon said. “It’s not too many times in the world where two brothers will be playing for major professional sports teams. So it’s definitely a special moment for the Gordon family for sure.”

The opportunity came about this spring when Eron was in town and happened to be working out with his brother at the Rockets’ practice facility. Eron, who played the last three seasons at Valparaiso after beginning his collegiate career at Seton Hall, caught the eye of the Rockets’ coaching staff.

The next thing Eron knew, he was being offered a contract to play for the Rockets Summer League team in Vegas. He is one of 14 first and second-year players playing on the team.

“I just wanted to take advantage of it,” Eron said.

There are no guarantees the 6-foot-3 Eron will make the regular-season roster; in fact the odds are greatly against it. And with his brother Eric being the subject of trade rumors this summer, it’s even less likely that the two will take the backcourt together this upcoming season.

Still, the big brother has offered advice to his younger sibling on how he should handle the opportunity this summer and that is to be consistent.

“There is a reason my brother has been in the league for 15 years and has made a lot of money in the league and he has been good with every coach he has played with,” said Eron, 24. “He just said be an everyday guy and don’t get too high or get too low.”

Eron, who comes from a basketball family that also includes his dad (Eric Sr.) and middle brother (Evan), says his oldest brother has had a great influence on him over the years. Their father starred at Liberty and Evan played college ball at Liberty, Arizona State and Indiana.

“[Eric] and my brother Evan have meant everything,” Eron said. “They’ve had different roles in my life but they have definitely had the presence of getting me to where I’m at today.”

As for who wins between him and Eric and a game of one-on-one, the younger brother quickly flashed the family smile.

“I definitely lost,” said Eron, who is nine years younger than his oldest brother. “He has definitely beat me. When he is playing for real but maybe when I was 5 years old he let me beat him. But ever since I got to high school, he has beat me one-on-one.

“I’m trying to get him when he is still in the NBA, but right now I haven’t done that yet.”