Beyoncé and Solange seem to be thick as thieves whenever they are together, and that’s thanks to their mother, Tina Knowles. In a recent sit down with Maria Shriver, Knowles-Dawson discussed how her own childhood experience with her mother influenced her to enroll Bey and her little sister into therapy as children.

“I grew up and I felt like my mother liked my brother more and loved him more,” she told Shriver.

To make sure she didn’t continue the cycle, she not only devoted certain days of the week to quality time with them separately but she also had them in family therapy.

Bey became quite the hometown star at the tender age of 10, and by having them in therapy, Ms. Tina wanted to ensure that their bond remained strong despite the fame and Solange being in Beyoncé’s shadow.

“I took them to counseling very early so that the counselor could help Beyoncé be more sensitive to Solange because she couldn’t stand her for a minute.”