L.J. Williams created Jinka in 2015, after his wife Kim was diagnosed with prediabetes.

The diagnosis was both frightening and inspiring. “Our love would not allow this sickness to defeat our family,” says Williams. So, he immediately began researching wholistic doctors and ways to reduce inflammation in the body. What he found led him to produce what is now called Jinka.

Jinka is made with a special blend of premium turmeric, ginger, nutmeg and five more premium spices.

The combination has been life-changing not only for LJ and Kim but many of their friends and family. “After creating the turmeric+ paste and taking it twice a day, we began to experience abundant energy, clear thinking, decreased inflammation, and massive weight loss,” Williams adds. “When Kim went in for her six-month checkup, she was cleared of any diabetic issues and our combined weight loss was more than 100 pounds.”

LJ and Kim are excited that this healing product is now easily accessible for anyone. The couple recently finalized a partnership with H-E-B to sell Jinka in the paste and vegan powder capsules.

“This product can help people and that is our goal,” says Kim Williams. “While we can’t make medical claims, we do know it promotes heart and cell health, lowers cholesterol and helps relieve pain.”

The couple shared their story and announced their exciting news on Facebook:

The list of testimonies is long including stories of praise from local cardiologist, Dr. Baxter Montgomery, who has been integrating Jinka in his practice for the past five years. “We’ve recommended it across the board as it helps with inflammation, particularly patients with arthritis.“

I love Jinka is a Houston-based family owned business focused on health and wellness. As an added feature, the paste can be purchased with Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits.