Sunday, September 22, 2019



September 19, 2019

Week of September 19, 2019 Local & State News: Galveston protesters demand arrest video; Business leaders want intervention in HISD ‘failure’; SOBW movement focuses on political agenda National News: Biden on racism: White people...

Superintendents respond to criticism for staying open Thursday

HISD has announced it will close on Friday after taking a lot of heat for not canceling classes on Thursday.

Which reality show does your state watch the most?

Reality TV is a nationwide epidemic and by the looks of recent surveys, it seems some states sway in different directions when...

Joy-Ann Reid: Everything about Donald Trump is a con

Joy-Ann Reid sees Donald Trump in very clear and simple terms: a con man. Trump, as Reid explains in...

PV bouncing back

The Prairie View Panthers have a chance to be special this season, but as they head into their fourth game Saturday –...

Texans Whitney Mercilus shines after Clowney departure

Texans outside linebacker Whitney Mercilus is feeling at home again. Somewhat of an afterthought on the Texans defense the...

Defender High School Sports Instagram

‘Black don’t crack’: Celebrating ageless women

The Defender is celebrating ageless women who prove 'Black don't crack'. Lorraine Mitchell, 91

Study: Marriage rates are declining because men aren’t “economically attractive”

Researchers are constantly on a hunt to find out what particular factors have led to a decline in marriage globally. There are...


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