Tuesday, I attended the Langham Creek vs. Clear Lake game at Langham Creek High School.  I thought Clear Lake would have had a chance, but after tip-off I knew I was wrong.  After their prime shooting target went out with a leg injury, it was downhill offensively for them.  Langham Creek crashed the boards and hit open shots to ride to an easy 78-56 win.

Thursday, I attended a basketball tournament at Seven Lakes High School in Katy.  Cy Parks was taking on Katy Paetow.  Parks looked decent in their showing, however, they have a few things to work on defensively.  Katy Paetow seemed to be too much offensively for them down low and never allowed Parks to stop their penetration.  But in these early tournament games, it’s important to work out the kinks before district games began.  Katy Paetow would go on to win 57-46.

Friday, I attended the Ft. Bend Marshall vs. PNG game at Galena Park ISD Stadium.  When asked, “Who do you have winning this game?” Most people laughed.  In the end, those people looked in shock.  Marshall and PNG played earlier in the season and the game was out of reach quickly.  Marshall was too fast and too explosive for PNG who just couldn’t get it going in time.  This time around, playoffs were on the line and the tables were turned.  PNG seemed to have brought their entire city to support the team and with that support, the team stepped up defensively and never looked back.  Through the air, on the ground, even special teams pitched in hitting several 35+ yard field goals.  Marshall never led in this game, and PNG would go on to win 29-21.

Saturday, I decided to pull a doubleheader.  In the first game, I watch Seven Lakes vs. Cy Park.  In the second game, I watched Marshall take on Katy Paetow.  Although Seven Lakes has several underclassmen starting, Seven Lakes as a team hit the three consistently and frequently.  Three points for every two points forced the game into an unequal possession mismatch.  Cy Parks wasn’t a factor once the threes began to rain down and Seven Lakes never looked back.  Katy Paetow hoped to get a win against Marshall, but without stopping Marshalls PG, Jaland Lowe, that win would only be a wish.  Marshall seemed to have too many parts working together at the right time.  Cy Parks was never able to establish their offense.  Marshall would go on to win 49-38.