Tuesday, I attended two volleyball games at Butler Stadium.  The first game involved Madison taking on Carnegie.  Madison started out strong as they won the first set, however, Carnegie regrouped and never looked back as they won three straight sets to take the win.  The second game was a matchup of two HISD powerhouses in Bellaire vs. Lamar.  The two had met in the past and Bellaire was able to walk away the winner.  However, Lamar wanted revenge.  Lamar was able to win one set, but as the old saying goes, it’s hard to beat a team that good.  Bellaire would go on to win in 3 straight sets.

Thursday, I attended the North Shore vs. Atascocita game in Humble.  Atascocita came in with only one loss to Katy, while North Shore rolled in undefeated.  Many were hoping to see the powerhouse fall this week, but they will have to wait another week as North Shore took a few bumps and bruises but kept to the game plan and was able to win 16-13 in the end.  Atascocita, unfortunately, fell for the long ball too often, placing them in 3rd and long more times than they would have liked.  Atascocita will play Summer Creek to end the regular season as North Shore will play Kingwood.  Is anybody else ready for playoffs to start?

Saturday, I traveled to Barnett Stadium to watch Yates take on Wheatley.  Yates’s homecoming packed the stands and the game didn’t disappoint.  Coming down to the last three minutes Yates kicked it into second gear, stopped Wheatley on a promising drive, and was able to seal the deal leaving no time for Wheatley to come back.  Wheatley held the lead all game long until a costly safety began to swing the tide of the game in the fourth quarter.  Yates would go on to win 36-27.  Yates looks to close the season out against Worthing next week, as Wheatley closes their season out against North Forrest.