Then-President Donald Trump elbow bumps Herschel Walker during a 2020 campaign rally in Atlanta. Photo by John Bazemore/AP.

Welp, it’s official, Donnie has thrown his hat into the ring because “everybody wants him to run.” (Memo to self, see can you get an interview with these “everybodies.”) Who cares that he lost in 2020? That he has 4,373 pending criminal charges? That all that “winning” we were going to get tired of, never actually manifested. Trump continues to Trump. He’s only thinking about himself and his galactic-sized ego. I know, journalists are supposed to be objective, but let’s be real, that’s how we got Trump in the first place. Because journalists tried to be professional and non-combative and let Trump and his lies run amuck, unchecked. But I digress…I’m not giving much credence to Trump’s announcement. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not unrealistic to believe that Trump can win again. My prediction, Trump is trying to have a platform to shout about how all these investigations against him are “rigged.” He’s just going to create havoc for the Republicans. But he’s not going to run the whole time. Trump knows he lost. And now, NONE of his people (Secretary of State election denier candidates) are in place to help him steal the election. So he’s going to announce his run, grift and take all the people’s money. He’s mad at the Republicans and he’s going to freeze them all out until he drops out and it’s too late for them to win. No one who voted for Joe Biden is going to say ‘Let me vote for Trump now.’ And these young people who won all these elections this week still have Roe v. Wade on the mind. So, let’s all just sit back, breathe and watch this season of “Who wants to be the GOP nominee.” P.S. – To everyone concerned about holding Dems accountable, now’s the time to get to work on that.

Wakanda, Forever

No surprise, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever earned $180 million at the domestic box office over the weekend and $150 million from 50 territories. I saw it opening weekend and it was everything and more. But you know Black folks….we gotta find something to complain about. The #RecastTChalla movement has flooded Twitter with criticism about Marvel/Disney’s decision to not replace Chadwick Boseman in the titular role following his death from colon cancer in 2020. Some super fans aren’t happy with how T’Challa’s death is addressed, probably because they never quite explain what killed him — other than to mention some vague disease he succumbed to. They pointed out what they see as holes and flaws in the new flick that they think a simple recast would’ve fixed. (Head over to and read some of the critic’s comments). Oh, and I read that some Black men were upset with the movie, calling it anti-Black men. Sigh. Just because we celebrate Black women (and this movie with all it’s Black girl magic does just that)…does not mean we’re against Black men. Okay, brothers? Just give us a moment to shine and stand nobly as the kings you are. Please and thank you.

Don’t try this at home

Houston has lost another young Black man….over some foolishness. The 25-year-old was dancing atop an 18-wheeler as it rolled down a Houston highway last week. I don’t know if he was filming a video or just being silly, but he died after colliding with a bridge and falling onto the roadway. The man had gotten on top of the cargo portion of the truck without the knowledge of the driver, according to HPD. Police said the red Kenworth tractor-trailer truck was traveling south in the 2500 block of Eastex Freeway at about 11:35 a.m. last Thursday when the man dancing on top of it was knocked off as the truck passed underneath the Tuam Street Bridge. The man died from multiple blunt impact injuries. This is a reminder to talk to the young people in your lives. This trying to going viral, doing crazy things, simply isn’t worth it. Rest in peace and prayers for his family.