Booker T. Washington senior combo guard Kemya Reece and shooting guard Dakiah Yates have put in the work that it takes to lead the Lady Eagles on a Cinderella run this season. If the playoffs started today they would carry Washington into the playoffs with the No. 1 seed in the district.

In their game against Kashmere, Reece was unstoppable when she scored a season-high 41 points, just six points short of her career high 47 points as a junior. 

Yates finished with 25 points off of some three point daggers and points off turnovers.

Washington girls’ basketball coach Erving Taylor II explained what made the duo special.

“Dedication and hard work,” Taylor said. “They both work hard in the gym, put in extra hours in practice and every time we run and do a drill they go hard.” 

The Defender spoke with Reece and Yates after they defeated Kashmere to talk about their styles of play, standout performances and more.

Style of play

Yates: “I feel like our chemistry is unmatched…It is a good team chemistry that we can combine together.”

Reece: “We are working hard to get our team involved so that we can go deep in the playoffs.”

Playing off of each other

Reece: “Just working together, keeping everything outside of us and playing until the clock stops.”

41-point night

Reece: “It comes natural after playing really hard defense and playing ball.”

3-point game

Yates: “It hasn’t always been that good but I started boosting my confidence in my shot to where now I just throw it up there.”

Love of the game

Yates: “My brother helped me start loving the game of basketball.  My grandma passed away and she was a big part of that also because she always pushed me to do better, do better and go far with what you love.”

Reece: “I have been playing basketball my whole life just growing up around all my uncles and trying to be the best in all of the family in life.”

Moving forward

Reece: “Just going hard every time we step on the court and keeping our team involved.”

About Kemya Reece

Instagram: @kountrygirl.myaa

AAU team: Houston United Hoops

Players she studies: Rori Harmon, Kyndall Hunter (University of Texas)

Favorite musician: Lil Baby

Shout-outs: “All my coaches and everybody that helped me get better.”

About Dakiah Yates

Instagram: @iamdakiahh

AAU team: KC Mamba (Kansas City)

Players she studies: Kelsey Plum, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Candice Parker

Favorite Musician: NBA YoungBoy

Shout-outs: “My brother Devante, my momma and my little nephew Jayden.”