So as the league salivates over Ja Morant’s high-flying highlights that put him in an MVP race, Shadow Creek senior small forward Shawn Jones Jr, a Texas State commit, is on deck to be a Sportscenter Top 10 candidate sooner than later.

With 6-foot-7-inch height and super human reach, Jones is a Venus Fly Trap the way he snags rebounds and blocks balls off the backboard. 

On offense, Jones can handle the rock and maneuver though most defenses but occasionally struggles with traps and doubles. With time and coaching expect those situations to turn into easy buckets for teammates off screens.

When Shadow Creek head coach David President was asked about his senior playmaker, coach Prez stated,

“He fights hard every day, he competes and does everything you can ask for as a coach.”

“I love that dude.” Coach President continued.

The Defender spoke with Jones Jr. to discuss his style of play, major influencers, scoring abilities, shot blocking and more.

Style of Play

“My style of play is All-Around.  I really just play hard and make an effect to the game any way I can offensively and defensively shot blocking and finishing around the rim getting my teammates involved.”

Scoring Abilities

“I just let the game come to me.  I don’t really force nothing.  I come off the screens because not too many Bigs can guard me coming off the screens and most guards can’t guard me coming off my pull ups.  So, it is really just playing with pace and playing at my speed.”

Shot Blocking

“That is just heart.  Not a lot of people have that.  And that is what I bring to the court and bring to the game…Defensive Effort.  That is what next level players do and that is what wins games.”


I have been here for four years and (my point guard Cameron Amboree) has been here for three years, and he is going to get on me and I am going to get on him but at the same time we are going to be leaders to our young guys because they have to be leaders and have a future coming up too.”

About Shawn Jones Jr.

Instagram: @theshawnjonesjr

Players He Studies: Kevin Durant and Ja Morant

Favorite Musician: NBA Youngboy

Shoutouts: “my point guard Cameron Amboree.”