Kamryn Jackson (L) Anthony Brown (R) Profile PicCredit: Jimmie Aggison

Booker T. Washington High School has been on a roll, winning all seven of their first regular season games.  And after defeating their most challenging district opponent this past week, the Eagles have positioned themselves as the best in the region.

A huge part of Booker T.’s undefeated run is senior running back Anthony Brown and junior quarterback Kamryn Jackson.

Brown brings a pro-style vision to the game at running back for the Eagles. His ankle-breaking cuts are more lethal than an And 1 mixtape guard, and his breakaway speed can do damage in the open field.

Jackson, on the other hand, can make plays with his feet and arm coming off the play-action fake.  In goal line scenarios defenses are left to his mercy based on how Jackson decides to carve defenses apart in preparation for the playoffs.

The Defender spoke with both Brown and Jackson to discuss their undefeated run, keys to success, advice to others and more.

Undefeated Run

Brown: “Honestly we’ve been working.  Since the summer has started there have been no days off.  The whole team is there early in the morning working their behinds off.”

Style of Play

Jackson: “I just get the ball to my playmakers and they make plays.  My O-Line does what they do for me and give me time so I can do that.”

30-13 victory over Furr

Brown: “My O-Line blocked really good so I could hit the holes, and get there.  Altogether it was a team win and team effort.”

Jackson: “We kept our composure; we came out and made sure we were fighting hard and made sure we were a second-half team.”

Amazing Cut on TD vs. Furr

Brown: “I saw my blocker coming, saw I had enough time to make the cut, made it scored, and am thankful for my O-Line for making the blocks.”


Jackson: “Just making sure all my guys stay together, and work as one team.  Then we will always be a second-half team.”

Moving Forward

Brown: “Next week we will start right back at 1 and 0.”

Jackson: “We have to stay together and practice hard every week.”

About Anthony Brown

Twitter: @sweetfeetbrown_

Current offer: Lincoln University

Player he studies: Saquon Barkley

Favorite artists: Lil Baby and NBA Youngboy

Shout-outs: “My coach, running back coach and O-Line.”

About Kamryn Jackson

Twitter: @kamrynjackson_

Player he studies: Justin Fields

Favorite artists: Lil Baby and NBA Youngboy

Hobbies: Being with animals

Shoutouts: “Coach, God, and my O-Line.”